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                          CORRECT GARDEN ADVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT


                                    Our Story

 Due to multiple requests and encouragement from friends I started McLeod Garden Consulting Services in May 2016 to give people the opportunity to be able to have an experienced horticulturist (20 years owner of Fairfields Garden Centre) visit their garden for professional advice.

On site I gather information and photos to record and later present to you in an informative,easy to follow weatherproof guide .

This includes advice on Feeding,Pest and Disease Control,Lawn Maintenance,Orchards and Raised Vegetable Bed Gardening. 

Since I began I have had lots of interesting consultations.

These include experienced gardeners through to several newly arrived residents who have just purchased their first property and are eager to get familiar with their gardens without the cost of employing gardeners to do the work for them. 

                                  Why Us ?


My service is unique in that is purely an advisory service and does not involve Landscape Design.

Many property owners want to do the job themselves and only need a guide to succeed.

 If this sounds like you ,read further for more detailed information on what I have to offer.


Level One Consultation :
#This level consists of an introductory walk around garden with client with verbal discussions and advice on plant health,pruning and preventative maintainance suggestions.
Where possible I like to suggest organic alternatives when recommending any spray products.
Included with this visit are copies where applicable of my comprehensive guides on feeding,spraying,lawn maintainance and raised vegetable gardens.
This level I suggest is for more experienced gardeners just needing some reassurance and updates on sprays,fertilisers or for a specific problem needing attention.
Minimum charge for this level is $80.00

Level Two Consultation:
This involves doing an initial walk with client around the garden to be shown layout and to point out any problems or sites for new projects i.e Raised Vegetable Beds/Orchard/Rose Garden.
It consists of a full written report on the whole of the property written in an easy to follow format and presented in a clearlite weather resistant folder.
At end of the report there is a condensed version for quick reference plus an easy to follow monthly guide personalised for future guidance.
Any specific plants requiring pruning,spraying or feeding are noted seperately and their remedial work easily referred to in my seperate guides  supplied.
These include Organic Spraying Programs/The Feeding of Roses,Fruits and Ornamentals / a Lawn Maintainance Guide and handy hints on the construction and growing with Raised Vegetable Beds.

This level is suitable for those new to gardening or perhaps those  wanting to do a revamp on an existing property or portion of.
It is also ideal for those having just moved onto a new property and are wanting Plant Identifications and advice on becoming familiar with their new environment.
Minimum charge for this level is $240.00


This is Not a Landscape Design Service .
For Landscaping ,contact me and I will advise you  who I recommend for
 this specialised field. 


P.067536439 New Plymouth
M.021 190 7077 (Text Preferred)

Available for consultations Monday to Friday to 4.30pm
                                                             Saturdays to 3.30pm


Using an experienced Garden Consultant ensures you are receiving the correct advice for the right time thus getting the maximum return on your investment.


Remember !
Autumn is here
Its time for action in readiness for renovating and planting.

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